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Frequently Asked Questions About DSL


What is DSL?


DSL is a high-speed technology that manages your existing telephone line by splitting the signal to allow voice and high-speed data transmissions to occur at the same time on the same phone line.



How does it work?


DSL converts your existing phone line into a digital three-channel data source. Channel one handles your voice needs such as fax and voice. The remaining two channels handle your downstream and upstream transmission of data in other words how fast a page is downloaded to your computer and how fast information is sent out from your computer. This technology allows you to be on the phone or receive a fax while you are on the Internet; thereby, allowing you to remove a second dedicated phone line for the computer.



How fast is DSL?


In a brief word FAST!!

      You can download a 70kb music file in 1.42 seconds

      Watch movies without delays or choppy screens

      Surf the net zoom from page to page or site to site in a fraction of the time it takes on dialup

      Send and receive large files up to 25 times faster than dialup

      Play games on a real-time basis.



Will anything affect my connection speeds?


Yes your speeds can be affected by several conditions:

      How far you live from the central telephone office

      If your existing telephone wiring is in poor condition

      If any congestion exists on the network or Internet congestion

      The speeds of the servers and routers of the web sites you are trying to reach

      Configuration on your computer



Do I need to worry about security with my DSL connection?


Unfortunately YES. As with any connection to the Internet, you must be alert to any possible attacks to your computer. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase and install firewall software on your computer to prevent a hacker from entering your system.


Are there any computer requirements that I must have?

Yes. The following computer system requirement are needed:

1.) Windows 98 and 98 SE

2.) Windows Millennium (ME)

3.) Windows 2000

4.) Windows XP (Home & Professional)

5.) Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent with:

A.) 133 MHz or faster for Windows 98 or ME

B.) 233 MHz or faster for Windows 2000

C.) 300 MHz or faster for Windows XP


6.) RAM:

A.) 64 MB for Windows 98 or ME

B.) 128 MB for Windows XP or 2000

C.) 20 MB free hard drive space

7.) USB Port or a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Card (NIC)


Macintosh System Requirements:

1)      Apple Macintosh OS 10.1-10.2

2)      64 MB RAM

3)      20 MB free hard drive space

4)      USB Port or a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Card (NIC)


Will I have to dial up each time I want to use the computer?



No. DSL is an always on connection so you instantly are ready to surf, shop, send email, etc.



Do I need a second phone line for DSL?



No. DSL allows you to be on the telephone and on the Internet at the same time this does not slow your connection speeds.


Do I still have 24/7 technical support?



Yes. Our technical support team is available to answer your questions.


Will I receive a bill from my phone company for DSL?



No. Mecklenburg Communications Services, Inc., will send your statement to you.


Who do I call if my DSL connection goes down?



After the initial call to tech support to make sure the connection is lost you will need to call our customer service department and we will contact the telephone company on your behalf to have the line repaired.