MacCallum More Museum

The museum, opened in April 1996, houses a permanent exhibit of Indian artifacts collected locally by Mr. Arthur Robertson of Chase City. Tools and weapons dating from 9500 BC to 1600 AD, give a clear picture of the lifestyles and cultures of the seven periods of Native Americans with some of the rarest and most unique pieces found in the area. One display illustrates the evolution of spear and arrow points, while a life size replica of Mr. Robertson's log cabin exemplifies the vastness and wide variety of his collection. A full-sized model of a Creek Indian demonstrates the use of an AtlAtl in the throwing of a spear. The Museum also houses permanent exhibits of Thyne Institute, an African-American boarding and day school established in 1876 in Chase City, and the Mecklenburg Springs Hotel and Spa Exhibit and other objects of area interest. The museum hosts revolving art displays of varied mediums throughout the year.