Have the world at your finger tips!

With Mecklenburg Communication Services DSL Service!


Stop waiting to log onto the Internet.....

join our DSL always-on high-speed connection service!

You will be served by a locally owned company so you will have 'personal' contact with a real person!  This may not sound important until you have a problem and can't reach anyone but a computer to leave a message!


Service is available in Emporia, Lawrenceville, Chase City, Clarksville, South Boston, Halifax, Blackstone, Crewe, South Hill, Kenbridge and Victoria.


You must be within 3 miles or 18,000 feet from the central telephone office to receive service


FREE modem*!  Installation fee includes a professional installation at your home or business.  * One year contract and $9.95 deposit on modem is required to receive a free use of the modem while you maintain service with us.


Speeds available:  512K/128K * 768K/128K * 1.5M/128K * 1.5M/384K * 3M/512K * 7.1M/768K

bullet DSL account includes a backup dialup account, 24/7 technical support, five email addresses, space for a personal web page, spam filtering and virus protection.

Customer will be billed an activation fee plus $9.95 deposit fee for modem. Credit approval required for free use of modem, otherwise customer will be charged for modem. Modem charge will be refunded when service is discontinued and modem is returned to MCS in good working condition.


You DO NOT need to be a Mecklenburg Electric or Communication's customer - anyone can join our program where services are offered!


Service not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Offer subject to change.

bullet Other residential and business packages are available upon request. 
bullet Frequently Asked Questions About DSL - Click here!

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