Get FREE Internet by referring two friends per month to Meckcom!

Mecklenburg Communications is now offering a referral fee of $10 per referral to our subscribers that refer their friends to our service.

It's easy - just complete the information below and ask your friends to write they were referred by you on their application. Once they have signed up with us and have paid their first month's Internet service bill - we will credit your account with $10 for each friend you refer!  If you refer two friends per month - your referral fees will pay your Internet bill for you!

We appreciate your help in making our family grow!

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Any information you provided on this form is used solely by Mecklenburg Communications Services, Inc., to track Web site usage. If you submit a referral, then we will use your name and either your e-mail address or postal address to properly credit your account with your referral fee.

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