Two-way Residential Satellite Systems

Powered by DirecWayTM


Mecklenburg Communications Services is proud to announce our new High-Speed Internet satellite system, powered by DirecWayTM, is now available. The DirecWayTM system delivers speeds up to ten times greater than dialup connection plus you maintain a continuous connection to the more phone lines, congestion on the lines, waiting to authenticate, waiting for a web site to load, etc.  Once you have experienced this new system -- you will never want to go back to a dialup connection again!

You are probably wondering what are the costs to get this fantastic system, right?  We have listed below the costs for our High-Speed Internet satellite system, powered by DirecWayTM

High-Speed Internet Residential Satellite System, Powered By DirecWayTM *

Description of Equipment


  High-speed Satellite System, Standard Installation & Activation Fee $94.99
  Recurring Monthly Fee for first 12 months $94.99
  Recurring Monthly Fee after first 12 months $59.99
  Contract Term 2 Year

We currently serve the following counties in Virginia:  Mecklenburg, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Nottoway, Greensville, Charlotte, Southhampton, Lunenburg, Sussex and Brunswick.

* Business packages available upon request.

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